I love data. It answers questions, is the cornerstone of PDSA cycles, shows results, and eases decision making. When it comes to healthcare, it has the potential in improve the quality of care via staffing, risk alerts, and reducing cost. As healthcare consumers, this is all to our benefit.

Simultaneously, ransomware attacks have been all over the news. For consumers, it increases the risk of identity theft and seeking solutions to avoid it. But for businesses, they are exceptionally costly, whether or not the company pays the hacker. And the cost only increases for sectors adhering to regulatory agencies, like healthcare. Which makes it all the more concerning for healthcare providers, that their sector leads in cyberattacks and data breaches in 2018.

All of this means, the role of your IT support provider is invaluable. However, do not think your current IT provider and the cost is your only option. In 2018, there were 40,500 tech startups added to the industry, so one could assume that there may be a better option for you. It may be time to look at your IT provider – think about the pros and cons of your relationship and if your business would benefit from comparison shopping.

Silverback can save you time and conduct that comparison and find the better solution for you – whether is it just saving money or looking for better customer services. Silverback does all the heavy lifting and will present you with a report so you can compare your options and make an informed decision based on the data. And all of this is free of charge until you start seeing the savings.

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