Panic causes tunnel vision. Calm acceptance of danger allows us to more easily assess the situation and see the options. – Simon Sinek


As business leaders, we are constantly looking to improve our profits and take care of our employees, without whom our business would not succeed. However, now we are balancing that with obligation to social distance and some businesses are forced to close for the unforeseeable future. It’s hard not to panic when thinking about paying bills.

While we cannot offer advice that would stop all your bills, we can offer you some ideas of ways to temporarily reducing your monthly expenses.

Whether or not your business can operate to full capacity from home or not, one bill you should turn your attention to is your telecom.

So here are some questions to think about:

What does your business look like through the summer?

We work with organizations that are closely dependent on when colleges are in session. Higher education institutions will not be reconvening on campus before the end of this spring semester. In this case, you might consider contacting your telecom company – some telecom companies are offering to disconnect without penalty or have eliminated early termination fees. Then, when you are ready to reopen, you may be eligible for new promotions. If your telecom company does not offer penalty free options, you may want to ask them about seasonal options. Seasonal options would mean deduced rates for a portion of the year – and this would be an effective way to increase your profits even on a “normal’ year.

When is the last time you called in about promotions?

It’s an annoying dance many have down with their telecom company, but have you called lately to check for promotions. If you find yourself with time, it may be an option that helps find savings.

What are you paying for and are you using it?

You also might consider reviewing your bill for services that might not be in use. For example, you had an overseas trip and added international calling to your cellular plan.  Many times, this additional service is long forgotten when you return, but you are still paying for the service on your invoice.  It is safe to say you probably won’t be traveling internationally any time in the next couple of months, so you can cancel this service.

If you are trying to keep your employees working, a thorough review of every item on a bill might be the perfect project to complete during this time.  If you want some ideas of other areas to brainstorm, please reach out.  We are all in this together!

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