Recently, I have read several articles discussing how flexible hours and ability to work remotely is something more workers are looking for in their employer. In a more specific study, it was shown that it is not just something employees want, it is something that keeps employees happier and they stay longer with their companies.

As I read that article, it got me to thinking about another article about how you should not be looking at how to motivate your staff but how to hire self-motivated people. While the article speaks to start ups, any business will benefit from a self-motivated employee – someone who will find new ways to be a benefit to your business. And if we are looking for someone who wants to benefit our business, shouldn’t we be looking for ways to benefit them, too?

That being said, working remotely and with flexible hours is not a new concept. I see more employers moving toward this business model. Which boils down to, the longer you wait to transition any positions to remote, the more remote employment will become an expectation for the workers you want. While a recession may be a constant discussion, the US still has low unemployment rates and you can’t afford to miss out on the right employee.

Now, I understand that “remote employees” means you may need an upgrade from your computer tower to laptops and that can be a big expense, depending on the number of employees you have. But, I do have a multi-fold solution as well:

  1. Doing your own or hiring someone to assess and find savings in your everyday spending. While I do not like to promise an exact amount of savings, when you find savings, look at it as “found money”. When I find a $10 on the ground and then spend it on an ice cream cone, it feels a whole lot better than spending the money already in my wallet. As a business, much of that money in your wallet is ear marked, which leaves “found money” to be spent for things for which you had not already budgeted.
  2. Silverback can also help you purchase the laptops. While I mostly discuss your normal spending and finding savings there, Silverback also will help you find greater savings when making these new purchases.
  3. Also, consider changes in telecom and real estate leases. If people are working off-site, you have an opportunity to review your telecom expense, because there is most likely a shift in your needs for internet and phone. In regard to leases, you may consider a smaller office with open workspace. Some businesses forgo the office completely and switch to working together over Skype.

These are all options to consider on your own, but I will always recommend hiring an expert to find you savings as they are more likely to decrease the time it takes to finding the saving opportunities and have more resources to increase your savings. If you want to explore your options, please reach out to us to continue  this conversation.

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