This year, Silverback participated in “Indy Do Day” (IDD) at a local school with whom we currently work. For background information, IDD is a volunteering effort across the city of Indianapolis. The volunteer opportunities are created and run by those organizations in need of volunteer work, so the options are vast and diverse.

While historically, Silverback consistently works with clients on donations to our community, it is also important to give back our time as well. It’s a great opportunity to get to know our clients better – both the intricacies of their business and how they impact their community.

Take, for example, the school with whom we volunteered. Our project involved assisting with building several benches on the property. The specific bench we built happened to be in the garden – a garden that is planted by the classes at the school, maintained by a student gardening club, and helps support family culinary classes hosted by the school.  As we worked with the staff, we learned that the garden and our volunteering project was just a drop in the bucket compared to the daily effort given to enhancing the lives of the families and community of the students by the school staff.

As a side note, our experience was amplified by having some of the students come out and help us put together the benches. Not only did we get to talk to them and show them how to use the tools at hand, they were highly enthusiastic about helping and were disappointed they could not see the entire project through that day.

The bottom line to all of this is, as a business, volunteering allows us to actively take part in our improving our community with our clients. Above all else, it helps us understand the true impact of the savings we find for our clients and how they are better able to achieve their goals.