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Wholesaler distributes net cost savings to shareholders

Client profile:

  • Wholesale distributor
  • 120 locations in nine states


A top 10 supplier in its industry, this wholesaler engaged Silverback to review its freight and transportation expenses and office supply costs. This well-run and profitable client had a long-held reputation for efficient operations and exceptional relationships with customers and suppliers.


Silverback reviewed more than 50,000 invoices totaling $3.9 million in transportation and office supply expenses. Our team analyzed current market conditions, improved efficiency, and negotiated improved vendor pricing in an effort to achieve a higher net cost savings.


​Our recommendations resulted in a net cost savings of $1 million which was added back to the client’s bottom line. Implementation and execution had minimal disruption to operations while keeping vendor relationships intact. Ultimately, Silverback helped this wholesaler distribute more money to its stakeholders.

  • Office supply expenses were reduced by 42%
  • Freight and transportation expenses were reduced by 28%
  • Inbound transportation was converted from prepaid to collect, resulting in a 36% savings


Annual Saving


Outbound Freight


Office Supplies


Inbound Transport

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