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Expense reduction puts money back in your supply chain

Because our subject matter experts have worked in manufacturing, even if you have an internal purchasing department we can bring new expense reduction ideas to the table. Silverback has experience with many different types of manufacturers — from production line manufacturers to specialty, custom-build manufacturers. Our professionals particularly understand the need for vendors meeting quality standards as well as cost guidelines in an ever-increasing, just-in-time environment. We also know the value of process and quality certification systems and their impact on purchasing decisions.

Some of the most common expense reduction categories we have reviewed within the manufacturing industry include:

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Silverback finds RV manufacturer 36.8% savings in LTL costs

Through consolidation of their vendor base and rethinking some of their freight lanes, another cost reduction firm was able to save our RV client approximately 15 percent on their freight spending. Don’t get us wrong, this is significant savings, but Silverback was able to do better. After their agreement ended, the client hired us to re-examine their shipping costs. We were able to save them 36.8 percent on their LTL shipping, with another 9 percent of savings available.

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