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Utilities cost savings and refunds can be significant

Our team of experts has been successful reducing utility expenses in both regulated and non-regulated states. The utility expenses we are most commonly able to impact include electricity, gas, water and sewer.
Utility company rate structures are fairly complicated. Our clients tell us they review their utility invoices for obvious errors and noticeable changes. However, they are often being overcharged without realizing it. Many times, we are even able to secure a refund for our clients. Our utility cost savings analysis includes:

featured case study

$620M real estate developer’s 7% utilities savings makes big impact

Our subject matter experts collected and analyzed expense data across this multi-family property developer’s portfolio — reviewing more than 10,000 transactions from a 12-month period. The entire review and recommendation process, along with monitored implementation, had little drain on the client’s time and resources. We helped the client realize significant savings across many non-labor expense categories.

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