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Are You Overpaying On Freight Transportation?

It’s time for a freight expert to review your expenses

Our experts are experienced in all facets of freight transportation. From parcel post to large LTL shipments, or from full semi truckloads to air or ocean international freight, we put our knowledge to work by finding savings in your shipping costs.

We analyze thousands of invoices for our clients, down to each line item. Once savings plans are implemented, we continuously monitor charges on every invoice, ensuring our clients pay the best possible rates to move their goods and materials. Our clients realize expense reductions and cost savings on freight via:

Featured Client

Silverback finds RV manufacturer 36.8% savings in LTL costs

Through consolidation of their vendor base and rethinking some of their freight lanes, another cost reduction firm was able to save our RV client approximately 15 percent on their freight spending. Don’t get us wrong, this is significant savings, but Silverback was able to do better. After their agreement ended, the client hired us to re-examine their shipping costs. We were able to save them 36.8 percent on their LTL shipping, with another 9 percent of savings available.

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