When You Need to Cut Costs Immediately

What happens when your business needs to cut costs…now. Don’t fret – you can work quickly before time runs out! And if you are looking at your books, evaluating your profits (or lack thereof), and wondering if your expenses need to be assessed you’re not alone. But when faced with the issue of needing to […]

Black Friday & Retail Cost Cutting Strategies

With Black Friday barely in our rearview we thought it might be timely to talk about cost reduction strategies related to the retail industry. Most people understand Black Friday as being the day of the year that retailers try to “get back in the black” if they are having a hard year turning a profit. […]

Using LTL Freight With An FAK Agreement: What You Need to Know

If your business ships goods, you’re always looking for ways to keep shipping costs low. If you use Less Than Truckload (LTL) freight for shipping, your products are rated by class, and the cost to ship them is determined by that rating. The higher the class, the more you pay in shipping. For that reason, […]

Why You Should Be Worried About Document Security

Protecting sensitive customer information is a high priority for business owners. A security breach that puts your customers at risk for identity theft can be costly, in terms of both finances and reputation. The recent Equifax security breach is a prime example. The credit card reporting agency is expected to be out tens of millions […]

Ready To Get Your Silver Back?

Want to put some silver back in your pocket? Sometimes it pays to put a fresh set of eyes on your operating expenses.

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