Why You Should Be Worried About Document Security

Protecting sensitive customer information is a high priority for business owners. A security breach that puts your customers at risk for identity theft can be costly, in terms of both finances and reputation. The recent Equifax security breach is a prime example. The credit card reporting agency is expected to be out tens of millions of dollars after hackers obtained the personal information of over 143 million consumers.

One area that is often overlooked by businesses is copier and document security. Today’s copiers have hard drives, which means that any document that is scanned or copied will live on that hard drive until it is deleted. Because most copiers are leased rather than purchased outright, the potential for sensitive information being shared outside your organization is great.

Data is not the only issue. Twenty-two percent of all HIPAA violations involve paper rather than digital data. Over 60% of all personal information breaches are internal and involve poor work process controls.

What steps can you take to keep your business and your customers safe?

Our friend at Docufrog recommend making document security a priority. There are some easy steps your business can take to make things safer, including having your leased copier’s hard drive erased when you return it to the dealer, and making sure your new copier has an erasable hard drive.

At Silverback, we partner with DocuFrog to ensure document security. DocuFrog specializes in keeping your data and documents safe, so you won’t end up with a security breach that could break your business. Small measures, like protecting your documents, can save your business from potentially disastrous consequences down the road.

Are you looking for affordable ways to keep sensitive information safe? Contact Silverback. We’re experts at finding the best services for your business at the lowest prices. We’ll help you cut expenses so you can increase your profits and meet your goals. Call us at 317-580-8440 to get started.

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