Electricity (Rate) Shock – Symptoms

We were contacted recently when a prospective client saw an increase of over 80% in their electric rate.   Obviously, they were in shock.   How did this happen and what can I do about it?   While an increase isn’t a surprise given earlier this year energy companies desired an increase in rates to make up for […]

4 Ways to Save More When Opting for Propane

Companies rely on propane for many important functions — from water and space heating to fueling agricultural and off-road vehicles to backup power. While there are a variety of benefits in opting for propane, there are several things to consider in finding even greater savings for your organization. For one, propane tends to be the […]

More Energy Savings are Always Available for Your Business

Can you change the price you pay for energy and other utilities? (Even after you have had your invoices checked and double-checked?) Contrary to popular belief, you absolutely can. We have been successfully lowering these costs for large companies for the past 18 years. But how can you change the price of what you pay […]

Saving on Propane: What You Need to Know

Does your business use propane? If so, there’s a good chance that you’re paying too much for fuel. With propane, like other fuels, you pay for more than just the product.  You also pay delivery charges, storage costs, fuel recovery fees, hazardous materials surcharges, and maintenance. In addition, there’s the cost of your propane tank […]

You Are in for a Shock: Electricity Rates Are Rising

The State Utility Forecasting group is projecting a rise in electricity rates of 20% over the next six years. What can you do about this? From a pure rate standpoint, not much or at least here in Indiana where the rate that you are charged for electricity is regulated. If you are fortunate enough to own […]

Significant Rise in Utility Bills Ahead

CNN has recently reported the results of a poll regarding energy consumption and the new rules being imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency: higher utility bills lie ahead. According to the poll, 90% of the 500 polled utility executives believe that new regulations will lead to higher utility bills. Of those 90%, more than 50% believed that utility […]

How Building Occupancy Impacts Your Lease Rates

Commercial real estate leases are complex to say the least. Many times, up to 70% of the lease cost is wrapped up in the tenant’s obligation to share in the building operating costs, including taxes and utilities. As a tenant, you might suffer from time poverty and/or lack a thorough understanding of how these costs are calculated, which can […]

Cost Reduction Strategies: What About Utilities?

Many times, I get asked about cost reduction strategies for utility bills. Clients want to know what we can do for them in this area. Here are three questions to ask yourself regarding utility bills: Doesn’t everyone pay the same rate? Aren’t all utility bills correct? Is there something I can do to reduce my rates? If you […]

Ready To Get Your Silver Back?

Want to put some silver back in your pocket? Sometimes it pays to put a fresh set of eyes on your operating expenses.

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