Electricity (Rate) Shock – Symptoms

We were contacted recently when a prospective client saw an increase of over 80% in their electric rate.   Obviously, they were in shock.   How did this happen and what can I do about it?   While an increase isn’t a surprise given earlier this year energy companies desired an increase in rates to make up for lost revenue due to the pandemic.

What can you to do treat this horrible experience?  It depends……. If utilities in your state are regulated or deregulated.  In regulated states, the utility company that services your area is your only choice (monopoly).  In deregulated states, there is free market choice (competition) to be your supplier.

Whether your business is located in a regulated or deregulated state, there is money to be saved on your utilities.  We guarantee savings or there is absolutely no fee.

Let our team of utility experts treat your utility shock.

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