Cost Reduction Strategies: What About Utilities?

Many times, I get asked about cost reduction strategies for utility bills. Clients want to know what we can do for them in this area.

Here are three questions to ask yourself regarding utility bills:

  1. Doesn’t everyone pay the same rate?
  2. Aren’t all utility bills correct?
  3. Is there something I can do to reduce my rates?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, continue reading.

Every day, many companies overpay for utilities because the utility companies provide plans that are convenient for them, not cost-effective for you, their customer. The tariffs and regulations of the utility companies are ever-changing. Sometimes, it is almost impossible to decide on the best rate or plan for your business.

The utility companies offer other rates and programs that will save you money. However, they are under no obligation to share this information with you.

Could you obtain this information yourself? Certainly. But just as you should call a painter to paint your building, you should also talk to experts that specialize in helping companies save money. More often than not, our clients are overpaying for their utilities. Let’s get that money back where it belongs.

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