How Dimensional Weight Can Lower Your Shipping Costs

If your business ships any kind of products, then shipping costs are probably a concern for you. You want your products to arrive on-time and damage-free, but you also want to keep the cost of shipping low. Taking advantage of dimensional weight shipping can help you achieve this goal.

What is Dimensional Weight?

Dimensional weight compares the amount of space your package occupies to its weight, determining the total density for the package. Most carriers will compare the dimensional weight and actual weight of your package, and charge you whichever equals the higher rate.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Most businesses have a few standard size boxes that they use to ship all of their items. This might be easy, but it often isn’t cost-effective. If you’re putting a small and light item into a large box, you’re spending extra money to ship that item.

How Can You Use Dimensional Weight to Your Advantage?

With a little work, it’s possible to make dimensional weight shipping work for you. The most important part is finding the right packaging for every item you ship, without sacrificing protection. In some cases, using a padded or poly mailer can offer big savings. In other cases, simply varying the size of box used can help. The right solution will depend on what types of items you’re shipping and your company’s specific needs.

Helpful Hints

Here are some helpful tips for keep your shipping costs low:

    • Size matters – Choose the appropriate package based on the size of the item.


    • Quality materials – Always use high quality materials considering strength, cushioning, and durability.


    • Measurements count – Always tell your carrier the exact (external) dimensions of your box.  Your carrier will cross check your measurements regardless, entering the correct dimensions will many times reduce your “corrected measurements” charges.


An independent analysis of your shipping process and practices can help you determine the exact actions your business needs to take. Silverback is skilled at streamlining these processes, and can help you make the most of dimensional weight shipping, so you won’t be paying a big price to mail something small.

Mailing and shipment is just one area where Silverback can help your business cut costs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you save in every area of business.

Want to see some real-life examples of how we’ve helped business save money? Check out our various case studies. We’ve helped clients from many different industries cut costs, and we’d love to do the same for you.

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