Keeping an Eye Out For Changes in Industries – Laundry Service Edition

If you told me that I would be reading an interesting article on the laundry industry even last night, I would not have believed you, but here I am, intrigued by an article published by

The article pointed out there really aren’t any standout leaders in the industry.  But when you combine that with the fact the industry has been standardize for long, it is no wonder that individuals are finding innovative ways to change the industry.

Now, keep in mind, this article is geared toward personal laundry services, but they could quickly pivot into the industrial laundry service.  It just might be helpful to keep an ear to the ground on this one and wait for your time to take advantage on the change and hopefully put some money back in your wallet.

Even if you don’t want to wait around to review your spending, Silverback was able to save one client 49% on their laundry services with the current laundry service vendors.  So, maybe the best option is to have Silverback look now, while we all wait to see if a laundry service revolution comes to fruition.

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