Uncover Big Savings With a Closer Look at Telecommunications Expenses

When you receive a bill from your telecommunications provider, do you know what you’re paying for? How do you determine if you’re being charged correctly?

We recently took a closer look at telecommunications expenses for a client, and the billing errors we found were significant. We discovered that this business was paying for services at locations that they weren’t even using! Making the proper adjustments to their bill resulted in a 53% savings for the company.

Another recent client, a warehousing company, brought in our team to analyze their expenses. A closer look at their telecommunication expenses resulted in a savings of just over $40,000 per year.

Combing through your business’s phone and telecommunication bills is time-consuming, and can be confusing. Deciphering what you’re paying for and if those are services you need takes time and a skilled eye. That’s where Silverback can help.

Our team knows exactly what to look for when examining telecommunications expenses. We can cut through the confusions and find any areas where you may be overcharged. And that doesn’t just apply to your telecom expenses – we can analyze all your business’s expenses to find ways you can save.

All we need to get started is the previous month’s bills. If we can’t find ways your company can cut costs, you won’t pay for our services.

Are you ready to see if there are thousands of dollars hiding inside your bills? Contact us today. Want to learn more about how we’ve helped other businesses? Check out our list of case studies.

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