Cutting the Cord | Telecommunication Options and Their Costs

No matter your industry, communication is key. These days, the communication needs of a business have moved beyond phones and fax machines to include high-speed internet, cellular phones, GPS, and other technology. These tools are a huge asset; but they also come at a cost.

Because communication is so important, telecommunication costs often represent a large part of the budget for many businesses. Cutting these expenses can lead to big savings, but it’s also important to consider reliability. If your communication services don’t work well, any savings you’ve realized become meaningless.

How can you find telecommunication services that are both affordable and reliable? At Silverback, that’s one of our specialties. Because these services are so important, we’ve assembled an entire team dedicated to telecom and data research. They are constantly exploring the services and rates to find the very best options for our clients. No matter how unique your needs, our team can find a solution.

In addition, our team has previous experience in the telecom industry, which means they have extensive expertise on both sides of the industry. Our team is able to use their insider information and leverage existing relationships to find the absolute best telecommunications solutions for your client.

Our efforts on behalf of our clients have led to savings of between 8% and 26%, and that isn’t including refunds for past billing errors. The savings that can be realized are plentiful; you just have to know where to look.

If you’re ready to cut your telecommunications costs, contact us. We’d love to take a look at what you’re spending on communications and help you find the best deal. Want to know more? Take a look at this case study and see how we saved one client over 77% on their telecommunications expenses.

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