Dealing with Rising Recycling Costs

Environmentally conscious business owners can sometimes find themselves in a tough position. It can be hard to balance a concern for the earth with the need to keep costs low. This struggle shows up in many areas (including energy costs), but is particularly noticeable in recycling, where costs are on the rise. Many businesses would like to keep existing recycling programs, but also need to stay within their budget for waste removal.

What are your options for going green while keeping costs low? Here are a few things we think you should consider:

Take a Close Look at Your Bill

We always advocate for checking your bills for errors and hidden fees. Take a close look at your waste management bill and make sure you understand all the charges associated with your recycling service. Correcting billing errors can go a long way in cutting your recycling costs.

Weigh All Your Options

It’s important to not only compare costs between different recycling companies, but also to compare the price difference between recycling and traditional waste removal services. If you’re committed to recycling, and the price difference is negligible, it may make sense to stick with the greener option.

Cut Costs Across the Board

If caring for the environment is one of your company’s core values, you may decide to stay with recycling, despite rising costs. If that’s the case, it only makes sense to look for other areas where you can cut costs. Creating a strategic cost cutting plan can help you balance the cost of recycling with your business’s bottom line.

Are you ready to see where savings can be found in your business? Contact Silverback today. With just your bills from the previous month, we can create a strategy that saves you money and helps you eliminate hidden fees and charges. Silverback can help you find the balance between your values and your budget.

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