Expecting the Unexpected: Dealing With Unanticipated Expenses

The eyes of our nation are on Texas and Florida right now as the devastation of Hurricane Harvey  and Hurricane Irma continues to grow. Of course, the primary concern on our minds is the safety of all affected by this tragedy. However, as the area rebuilds, there will be far-reaching effects felt by both businesses in these areas and businesses across the country.

Every business faces times where situations out of their control, such as natural disasters, affect the bottom line. Shipping costs, transportation costs, food costs, and other expenses are all directly influenced by changes in weather and challenges that natural disasters bring. Other times equipment may break, laws may change, or taxes might increase. With unpredictable forces like these at work, how can your business keep expenses low?

When you work with Silverback, we take a comprehensive look at all your expenses. We look for places to cut costs in every area of spending. When certain expenses climb due to unforeseen circumstances, you’ll know that other expenses are as low as they can be. A strategic expense reduction plan can help soften the blow of unpredictable, unplanned expenses.

Best of all? We do all of this without impacting the quality or outcome of the services you receive. Our clients get the exact same product or service as before, and in some cases better products or services, all at a reduced cost.

Have you optimized your business’s expenses so you’re ready to face the challenges ahead? If not, contact Silverback. All we need is your bills from the previous month to being building an expense reduction strategy for your business. Don’t get caught off guard; call us at 317.580.8440 to get started.

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