Hospitals: Costs are Headed Up; Reimbursements Headed Down

If you are involved with healthcare, you understand the need to reduce costs and improve profitability. Here is a graph published by Objective Health related to cost-cutting hospitals and the results of their efforts.


  • Only 10.3% of all U.S. hospitals are characterized as “aggressive cost cutters” from 2009 to 2011
  • Generally these are larger (> 500 beds) hospitals
  • The average decrease in cost per case was $1,200
  • The top service lines for cost reductions are: General Surgery, Neonatal, Obstetrics-Delivered, and Infectious Diseases

If your healthcare facility falls in the almost 90% of non-aggressive cost cutters (or even if you are an aggressive cost cutter), you might consider reaching out for a second opinion. Our organization has helped countless healthcare facilities reduce their expenses.

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