Identifying Cost Savings with Supply Expenses

Supplies is a vast category of expenses that can sometimes seem overwhelming, though it doesn’t have to be. Whether it’s computer, janitorial, medical, office, or other type of supply, they can easily become a large part of your expenses quickly. We pride ourselves on knowing more than most successful businesses about how best to manage and reduce costs from your supply expenses.

We’ve identified specific ways for reducing supply costs, including changing and updating your purchasing system, expanding the number of vendors you work with, or taking advantage of various credits and rebates available.

Adjusting your purchasing system to best fit your business may not be something that has crossed your mind. Changing technologies offers many new opportunities when it comes to purchasing. The staff in your purchasing department may not be aware of new avenues that are available to them that will not only streamline their tasks but also save you money.

Increasing your number of vendors may not sound appealing, but it could be costing you if you are not. If you’re only using one supplier you are eliminating any price competition or potential reduction in costs for you. Analyzing these competing prices, along with evaluating shipping and handling costs related to them, is something a cost reduction firm specializes in.

Additionally, there are often rebates associated with supply vendors in which businesses are not aware. We know specific credits and price breaks that are already available for you and your industry.

Silverback analyzes your business, along with these and other cost savings strategies, and finds the most advantageous option based on your needs, purchases and preferences. The benefits stemming from direct contact with the vendor pass directly to the clients as Silverback does not accept any remuneration from vendors. We continuously follow up on our implemented recommendations to insure your cost savings continue.

Think your supply costs are out of control? Or maybe you just want a third party’s professional opinion to know that your purchasing department is on the right track? Give us a call at 317-580-8440 or shoot us an email.

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