Internal Expense Reduction Plans: Are They Enough?

“Our team already addressed reducing our operating expenses. Why would we need more help?”

It’s a question we sometimes get from potential clients regarding whether Silverback’s services are necessary if they’ve already addressed expense reduction internally.

This is a valid question; why spend money for someone else to do something you’ve already done? However, there are two big reasons we think an external audit is a wise idea, even if you’ve already been through the process internally.

So why bother with an external audit when your internal team has addressed cost reduction?

1. There are almost always more savings available.
First, in our experience, we’ve found additional savings for our clients even when they’ve implemented their own cost reduction strategy. This doesn’t mean that internal plans haven’t been done well, it simply reflects our years of experience lowering expenses for companies across a wide variety of industries.

Consider our work for Alpha Systems, where we found an additional 46% on freight savings even after they’d already found 15% savings by working with another expense reduction consultant.

2. There are zero risks with the Silverback team
Second, working with Silverback is risk-free. You only pay for our services if our work and recommendations save your business money. If we cannot find any additional areas of savings, you aren’t out a penny. We only need your bills from the previous month to get started, so your business won’t experience any downtime as we do our work.

Are you certain your business’s expenses are as low as they could be? Find out by contacting Silverback to do an independent audit of your expenses. You’ll walk away either with the assurance that you’re doing all you can to save, or with a new plan for less spending and higher profit.

Your business has nothing to lose, call us today at 317.580.8440 to get started.

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