Talkin’ Trash | How to Stop Overpaying for Waste Management Services

These days, technology is moving at the speed of light. Things are changing in all areas of our lives.

The waste and recycling industry is no exception to this. Yet no matter what changes regarding the handling and disposing of our everyday trash, the fact remains that we will ALWAYS generate trash, both in our homes and in our businesses. This is forever.

With that said, what we pay to have our trash removed continues to increase. If we live in the city, we pay for trash disposal in various taxes that we are required to pay. (Taxes are forever too!) Some rural areas must hire a waste hauler and pay separately. Either way, the associated cost to have our trash removed continues to go up.

More so, if we own a business, the cost for trash removal is not only much, much higher, but the specific types of trash dictate how much we must pay, and just as importantly, HOW we must dispose of it. Local, state and federal regulations come into play in a big way, which as always, increases the ABC’s of any given operation.

Once the method of disposal is identified, we can of course simply let our fingers do the walking (as the old adage goes) and start calling garbage companies to compare rates.

This is a start, but it is not such a “simple” process to choose a hauler. Today’s trash haulers are extremely proficient in getting the absolute most for every pickup. They KNOW their markets, competition, and government regulations. They have fancy updated computer programs that identify all the opportunities that exist, and where a host of fees can be added onto the cost of removal.

Just a couple examples of these added fees might be: fuel, environmental, material offset costs, recycle recovery, container refresh, etc., etc., etc.

Our favorite is the fuel surcharges. Some haulers charge rent for their dumpsters, in order to allow their customer to use them. But then, they also turn around and apply a fuel surcharge on that rental! How much diesel fuel did it take to add a charge to rent a trash container as it sits there minding its own business?

Another change in today’s business world is the use of consulting professionals in just about any issue the decision-making individual finds a need for – and waste and recycling is no different.

Professional waste consultants will look at the client’s current trash service or analyze a new company’s needs. A waste audit will involve various factors to determine container size, type, pick-up frequency levels, and of course, price. The waste hauler sales representative is trained to sell as much “convenience” as possible.

Once the waste container is placed and service is initiated, this necessary service sort of goes on auto-pilot. More often than not, management will place the trash where it belongs, and as long as it is picked up at the agreed upon intervals, then they don’t want to be bothered with garbage details.

This is exactly what these seasoned waste haulers are counting on. Just as they continue to count on the use of the dreaded AUTO-RENEW clause in almost ALL agreements. Once the initial 1-3 or 5-year contract term has ended, the auto-renew kicks in and BAM, you are obligated to another like term.

A good consultant, like the Silverback experts, will custom fit their client to the right service and equipment, negotiate fair and honest contract terms, follow up on placement for the initial service, watch for contract expirations, and audit the monthly trash bills for accuracy, deciphering the customary convoluted language of the waste invoices.

Without the proper knowledge, most business staffs will miss several of these steps, and end up rubber stamping the payment each and every month no matter what the charges are or how much they went up for no legit reason.

The Silverback team is made up of experts in many operational areas – including waste management – and can help you identify your needs and stop overpaying for waste services. Contact us today to get started.

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